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No one is perfect. We want to keep learning and finding new ways to have a positive impact. For us, it’s all about taking action and being transparent about our progress. Here are some things we do to invest in the future:

Planting the seeds for a regenerative future with WWF

Our Regenerative Organic Cotton Pilot Project continues. The what? We get it, it’s a tongue breaker. Here’s what matters: We will plant and harvest the very first batch of regenerative organic cotton in Turkey. Stay tuned on everything that’s happening on the ground in our journal.

Planting five different species of cover crops to protect the soil

Planting five different species of cover crops to protect the soil

Where are the carbon emissions?

In the past, we communicated the savings we’ve generated by making and selling our products. We want to be more transparent than that. That’s why we will communicate the actual carbon emissions of all our products – and do our best to help you understand what this means with our new carbon intensity rating system.

Never not reducing our carbon emissions

We measure, track, report and identify ways to reduce our carbon emissions. That’s a start – but we need to do better. We want to understand how each team can work with carbon emissions as a KPI, and what concrete actions each of us can take to help stabilize our climate. Working with carbon as a company-wide KPI will make it so much easier for us to implement opportunities to reduce our climate impact.

Becoming a better B Corp

In 2019, we became a certified B Corp with a score of 92.8. Since then, we’ve continuously identified opportunities and implemented initiatives to improve our impact across the environment as well as our community, employees and customers. This year, we’ll get re-certified – and we have an ambitious target to achieve a score of 110+.

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Congrats, you made it. That’s it from us for now.

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