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Our Products

Designing durable and long-lasting products, partnering with European factories and choosing responsibly and ethically sourced materials are how we minimize our environmental footprint as much as possible.

Organic basics scarf flying in winter

Winter accessories

Made from 100% recycled merino wool. No synthetic blends.

Material categorization distribution on the Organic Basics products. Plant-based, Recycled and Virgin materials

The design principles

Design for durability

We design with functionality and longevity in mind.

Design for deconstruction

Where possible, we aim to create products that can be taken apart and recycled by not blending or mixing materials.*

Design from natural resources

We avoid using plastic materials wherever possible.**

Design from waste

We aim to maximise the use of recycled materials in our products, as long as it allows us to maintain an acceptable level of quality.

*     We aim to not mix fibers that we do not yet have the technology to separate in a viable way, for example, if it takes more energy to separate the fibers than it does to create new ones, or if the technology exists but only on a research level. We will only mix fibers if avoiding this disables us from making a marketable product. For example, we need elastane in our underwear lines in order for the bottoms to be market relevant.

**     We only use virgin plastic if it needs to be used to make the product functional. For example, in our activewear and invisible line.

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